Wanking Job opportunity


Most of you sit around writing shit on the internet between wanks, so why not get paid 28k a year to do it?



“So, where do you see yourself in five years’ time?”


Wanked myself into a coma.


“Trick question, as this job will surely blind me.”


Well I’m definitely applying for this. 28k and you don’t have to speak to people!!


2-3 years ago I wouldn’t have even shared this here to increase my chances of getting the job I’d have wanted it so much.


If anyone wants to go full penoid there is this:


Haha! Can’t say I’d blame you. Might try and make my past jobs seem erotic. “Yeah it was a call centre. For sex calls. Definitely not car insurance.”


“my current job is pretty wanky so i should be alright at this”


Wouldn’t get out of bed for that, tbh.


Surprisingly sought-after employer. They pay much better than their competitors, apparently.

Plus, y’know, the whole “literally drowning in clunge” factor.


Ideal candidate:
*Can provide samples of previous written and video content


I would provide samples, but my TV tends to lick it off my chest.


Sex doll insurance?


Yes! Have you seen the documentaries about the ones that cost thousands? You’d want them insured wouldn’t you.


I think we just started a business


Bet you need experience :frowning:


@imaperv to thread


Let me know if you need a hand