Wanna hear something weird?

Apparently my gf’s teaching assistant (a woman in her 60’s who I’ve never met) had a dream the other night in which I had a bath with her husband.

Fucking weird that eh.

Got anything weird to share?


I did not want to hear that, no.



Good job that community.drownedinsound.com threads aren’t available on audible.com then isn’t it!!!


My trainee read it out to me.

What did they think of it?

She was singularly unimpressed.

She probably thought it was pretty weird though I’d have thought. I didn’t say it was impressive, I just said it was weird.

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i didn’t mind hearing it, I probably would’ve enjoyed it more if it wasn’t a dream, I’m not one of the “oh man, other people’s dreams are so boring” it’s just I don’t want magic, I want realism.

Yeah, I’m not a big ‘tell me about a dream’ guy but I found it weird that it means I was rattling round in the sub-conscious of a 60+ year old woman who I’ve never met.

Sometimes other people’s dreams are funny though

Does she know what you look like, through photos or something? Just so I know whether she was visualising you accurately or not.

Dunno mate. Not that I know of, it’s possible I guess but that would be a bit weird in and of itself.

Also they can sometimes be weird.


Why on earth would she tell your girlfriend that? I think that is the weirdest thing here. One should keep that sort of shit to oneself.

I had a dream last night that I walked up a mountain and accidentally wondered into some kind of Tibetan palatial complex and this gorilla kidnapped me and put me in this glass tank for the sultan or whatever to keep me as a prize. then I got pneumonia and the treatment they organised was to airlift me some cigars by helicopter, but the pilot was undercover and helped me escape. I ran through the mountains and eventually found a village where I hid under a bed while the sultan’s forces stormed the village and the villagers beat them off with clubs and machetes.

Sorry I realise no one is interested but I never remember dreams so I just wrote it down for the fuck of it.

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Yeah, it is weird actually. No idea what goes on in that classroom frankly.

One of my ATD’s is on holiday at the moment and he just messaged me his girlfriend had a dream that I was there and had a four year old daughter that had my hair, and she really liked her and missed her immediately.
Conclusion: dreams are boring.

Quite weird that.