Wanna learn how to play my made up game Penny Sports ™?

It’s fun and can be played by up to four people with minimal equipment or set up time

Spend a penny means wee and weesports sounds a bit dodge

Yes I’d like to hear about your game


you will need:

2+ players
1 table
1 5p

each player requires:
1 penny
1 tuppence

begin setup as illustrated:

players sit on opposite side of a table, 5p is placed in the centre

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flip a coin to decide who goes first

the objective of the game is to hit your penny as close to the 5p as possible without hitting it by using your 2p

play begins by moving the penny 5 thumb to 1st knuckle lengths back from the 5p

(this bit of the thumb)


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Do you have to remove your thumb?


player then nudges the penny with their 2p towards the 5p, if you hit it you lose the round. Otherwise closest to the 5p without touching wins the round.

Winner of the round then moved the 1p one thumb to 1st knuckle length further back from the 5p and the next round commences.

The overall winner is the first one to have their 1p so far back they can no longer place it on the table.

great game huh?

it’s not recommended

Good stuff. I’ll give it a go later on.

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great if you are bored at the pub or just waiting for something.

nudging the other player’s penny out of the way is allowed and in fact encouraged

this becomes crucial in a doubles match

When I was at school there was a brief craze for a coin based game of table rugby. You kind of slid the “ball” coin around knocking it with another coin, and if you could get it kind of overhanging the edge of the edge of the table you then attempted to flick it upwards and catch it with the same hand, you had then scored a Tri

next your opponent made rugby post with the hands and fingers and you got a chance to kind of throw the coin using only your thumbs through the posts for the extra points

it was a pretty fun game


Used to play Blood Money at lot at school and my knuckles still haven’t recovered

oh god, we did that too

The tennis was quite good though


I seem to remember it getting combined into the rugby game somehow