Wanna learn how to play my made up game Penny Sports ™?

We had this but the first move was pushing the coin from one end of the table, move two was pivoting it around with your thumb on to the edge of the table, then the flicking, then the ‘conversion’.

this sounds right - it was a long time ago Marty so my memory is v sketchy

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I’d forgotten all about it until 4 or 5 minutes ago.

you can all play this at the next DiS meat if you like, I won’t mind

Our school was all about this one:

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we had a game with three pennies, you’d press them to the table with three fingers then slide them across the table into the middle (this is the serve (you can toss a coin to see who serves)). then the other player pushes one of the pennies through a gap left by the other two. if you touch one of the other pennies you lose. if you dont go through the gap you lose. when someone loses the other player gets a point. you take it in turns to serve


I remember playing this one as well

inventing games for no reason other than to entertain yourself and see if you can is one of my favourite things about humans

Me and a friend used to play “cut for raps” for quite a while. The rules were thus:

Cut a deck of cards, if a red card you receive light raps on the knuckles, if black you receive hard raps.

Cut again for the number of raps (aces high)

Administer raps


kids play some fucked up games

I remember one where you had to slap people until they gave up and another where the goal was to kick someone in the shins and fuck them up

Kids? We were in our 20s

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We played something similar except instead of using one coin we used three and you had to move across the table by knocking one coin between the other two (knocking a different coin each go) until you had one coin hanging off the edge of the table. If you didn’t managed to knock the coin completely between the other two and out the otherside it was the other persons turn.