Wanna make a split screen music video

As in me playing guitar in one corner and other instruments in other corners etc.
I only have a laptop and an iphone and don’t want to pay for any software.
not bothered about quality, just want to have a fun project to do.

What can I download?


cool thanks. I’ll fuck around with that for a bit then come back to you with a billion questions, cool?

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how do you record super HD video with studio quality sound using an iphone 6s?

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think even the front facing camera on iPhones is 1080p which is probably enough. do you have an interface for your laptop, you can use that with an iPhone (via a camera connector usb dongle thing), or you can get something like an iRig or iTrack pocket, or just record on your laptop and sync it I guess

interface for my laptop eh

i’ve got one of these for my iPhone, you can plug instruments directly into it, or it has built in microphones