Want to help us moderate the music board (and etc)?

Hello, music board people!

We are looking for one more moderator to add to the team (which currently consists of me, @Parsefone and @wewerewerewolvesonce), and would love to have someone on board who frequents the music board more than we tend to do.

What does it mean to be a moderator?

Our main, regular tasks include reviewing flagged posts (these are either from brand new users whose first post needs approval, or something that has been flagged for moderation by one of the community members), helping out on the rare occasion that a post needs deleting (now almost everyone can edit their posts forever, we don’t need to do that for them anymore), a bit of tidying up with moving a thread to the appropriate sub-forum, that sort of thing. Sometimes a debate can get a bit heated, and be in need of some moderator interference, and this is some of the reason why we would like someone who’s more familiar with the ins and outs of the music board – it’d be great to have one moderator who knows the social mechanisms of the music board in more detail, and those posters who tend to only use the music board, more than we currently do (this doesn’t mean that you’d “only” be a music board moderator though!). Sometimes we do also need to suspend/ban users either for a period of time or forever, or to delete entire user accounts – but all three of us currently on the @moderators team have solid experience with this sort of thing, so don’t let that daunt you too much.

Of course, the existing moderating team will guide you through all this and we tend do discuss stuff with each other in DMs when there’s something especially difficult or touchy that needs to be dealt with, or whenever one of us just isn’t sure what the best course of action is.

I’d say in an average week you’d help review a handful of flags (easy peasy once you get the hang of it), point someone in the direction of a specific thread or sub-forum if they’re looking for something, and maybe grant someone a temporary suspension which they have requested for themselves. We do not expect you to get involved in ongoing conflicts, but rather keep a level head and deal with things according to a fairly relaxed protocol.

How do we choose one?

In the past, moderators have been elected by public, open polls. We want to try a different approach this time: If you’re interested in possibly becoming a DiS moderator we’d like you to put your name forward either in this thread or in a DM to @moderators, and we will take it from there to hopefully find the most suitable person – which only means someone who will complement the existing team as much as possible, and not who anyone personally likes the most.

This thread and our DMs will be open for nominations to the end of the weekend, and then we’ll (probably, if the right person pops up) have a new moderator sometime during next week.

Sound ok?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

the moderators

I’ll throw my hat in the ring for this.

I’ve had an inclination to sort out the tagging on a number of periodic threads in the board (new releases threads and Music League) for a while but thought it was a bit minor to trouble someone else with.

I am in the music forum pretty much every day, and like to think I am reasonably level-headed and equitable.

That said, I don’t get a lot of free time as it is between work and kids so if anyone else suitable who has a more open schedule is keen to do it I’ll happily get behind them for it (with a list of requests for re-tagging)


I was thinking about this but happy to throw my considerable weight and influence behind the Octobadger campaign instead.


Misread my own post there for a second and thought I’d typed “poops up”

Please don’t poop up


Too late.


Thanks, that is most kind of you, but I am feel now that I would have been better taking the DM option rather than in-thread - seeing your post I realise if you’d posted first I’d probably not have put my name up either, and it seems a bit unfair if people are deterred from putting themselves forward by accident of timing.

I’d be fully behind a Funkhouser campaign too!

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Noooo not at all, I was still weighing it up tbh and I’m still not 100% sure so you go for it.

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Fair enough - there’s a few days to weight it up still - for everyone - and maybe I wouldn’t get through the rigorous vetting process anyway, so I’d strongly encourage everyone with an interest to put their name forward and let the moderator team make the right choice from the available pool.

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Seconded! :innocent:

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Me when I’m mod
Scared He-Man GIF by Masters Of The Universe

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You’ve always been the moderator



Thank you!

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Couldnt resist! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I mean, I considered a gif or something, but couldn’t be arsed. And then yours was much better anyway! :grin:

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Last chance today if anyone else wants to come forward, here or DM is fine :nerd_face:

Happy to announce @froglet as our new addition to the moderating team, who’ll be keeping an extra eye out for you guys here in the music forum. She and the rest of us are, as ever, only a DM or a flagged post away for anything you might need :blush:


The wisest head on the boards. A great appointment!


Ooh nice, only just realised she’s a mod after seeing her close a thread.