want to wear a toga

don’t understand why we can’t wear togas more widely pals. look at this rockstar:

would you wear a toga if they became more widely accepted

  • yes
  • no
  • unsure

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I wonder simply wear a toga

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Hate to play the bike card so early, but that would not be practical on a bike, and I need to be ready to bike at all times

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They stole my idea!

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What is this chap wearing on his feet?

with todays smart fabrics im sure they could create a bike-friendly toga, they rode horses in them come on

Absolute state of that bloke, looks like Gandhi trying to get into Berghain.


Imagine a toga made out of football shirt material

its not a fabric thing - I ride around town in jeans and stuff

its the long dangly bits of fabric - would tangle like crazy and cause me to crash my bicycle

If it’s wet or windy weather that’s just going to be a nightmare

could have a retractable hem i suppose, pull a string and roll your toga up to a shorter length

In fairness, those really loose fitting baggy Indian trousers are ludicrously comfortable