WANTED: Band van for purchase



Helping a friend locate an already converted touring van, which will be converted (cheaply) into a medical aid van. If you know of anyone selling a converted mini-bus or sprinter van, it would be of great help to many people in need. Come on community, do yourselves proud!

Van smee

hi. i know someone who might be able to help or might know someone. where are you?


My friend is based east London, but has a network
Country wide to collect I am sure. If you can help with details I can put
them in touch.



I’ll send them a message for you and let you know.


ok have pm’d you email address of someone who might have just the thing for you. sounds a bit pricey though tbh.


Thanks a lot!


thank @Balonz


Knowing I have helped is thanks enough.


Thanks to you both!