Wanted: high quality album cover image

Hi there,

I’m helping someone with a gift. The goal was to find a poster of Can’s Tago Mago 40th Anniversary Edition album cover, but it doesn’t seem to exist (we knew it could be a longshot). It’s the cover that shows the concert shot of the band from behind (not the standard orangey illustration on the standard edition, that one’s easy to find).

Since we can’t find the poster, we want to have it custom printed, but we don’t own the album, so we need to source an image that’s high-quality enough to custom make one.

Are you someone who owns this album in any format? Could you send a high-resolution scan of the cover image (a scan offers a better image overall for printing)? HMU and let me know.

Cheers and sending healthy vibes.

how big are you printing this?

Hello kind internet stranger! Thank you so, so much for your reply.

I’m checking in my adoptive mum about the size of the poster. While I wait on a response from her (she’s 5 hours behind me)…

I want to say we won’t go larger than 610 x 914 cm (24 x 36 inches / ARCH D / a bit bigger than A1), just to keep the quality of the print high.

In the end, it really depends on how high a resolution we can actually get on the scan. What is the maximum resolution possible on your end?

Cheers and big gratitude!

here you go


Many, many thanks! I have been ill this week (COVID test came back negative, thankfully), apologies for my delayed response. The file should allow for a ~16 x 16 inch print, I will pass it along, thank you so much again.

If anyone has an image that will allow a 24 x 36 inch print, I’m still open to that.

Still achey but grateful, thank you so much!

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I can make it larger

Yes please, if possible!


This is about as big as I can get it - Obviously its square so your dimensions are not as you exactly asked for

Would look nice square on a white background though


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Since a custom print size is possible (FedEx Kinkos and other shops can full bleed print to size), it’ll be easy to figure out the max print dimensions to maintain high quality of just the square CD cover image the place the custom order to optimal dimensions.

The kicker is getting the CD cover scan by itself in a high enough resolution (dots per inch/dpi) so that it isn’t a potato print at a larger size.

The original image you graciously provided – so many thanks! – will print nicely at roughly 15x15 inch full bleed and gorgeous… I was hedging my bet on a higher resolution image that could, say, print closer to a 24 inch square (I find the worst that anyone can say is “no” right?). Even the 15" square is amazing.

I can take a look at this when I’m back on my laptop to get a better sense and let you know how it pans out.

Either way, you have gone above and beyond, kind internet citizen, so many thanks! If there is ever a research favour I can return to you, let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

That second Dropbox link I sent above should print bigger 15 X 15 I think.

I pushed the limits of the original image though so I doubt you’d get it any bigger scanned from a cd cover (which is fairly small originally)

Good luck and no worries friend

You’d need to either have an A3 scanner or be pretty good at stitching two images together to get a good scan off the LP I guess!

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Not sure it got a vinyl release. But yeh. A well lit DSLR could perhaps stich a few images together with a cd.

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It’s true, for sure. the larger image scan gives me a 416 ppi for a 24x24 inch print, well above the recommended 360 ppi for a digital to paper print scan (I don’t want to go any larger on the print size since the original photo on the CD cover was already grainy… I’ll keep al the ppi I can get).

So yeah, the bigger one @stickboy will totally suit purpose.

Cheers mate, this is brilliant, many thanks again!

The things you learn about album releases from questions like this… :smiley: