War and Peace: 2019


No, not a Denis Villeneuve-directed sequel.

I posted this in another thread but thought I could possibly rope some others (hi @xylo) into doing this with me.

Turns out if you read one chapter a day of War and Peace you finish it in just under a year. No chapter is longer than 11 pages so it’s very manageable, and the subreddit below has chapter discussion threads every day, so it’s a fun communal thing too.


50p on Kindle so why the heck not.

Who fancies it?


come on mates this will be magical


Read about 170 pages. Shite.


Does that mean you won’t be partaking?


I think I’ll give this a go. It’s almost certainly one of those things I’ll fall behind on sometime in Feb/March and give up on but it’s something to do in January innit?


Exactly, if any of us actually see it through it’ll be remarkable, but it’ll be fun to see who the last person standing is.


More like BORE and peace mirite lads


you’re a mug, it gets awesome towards the end


I will not be doing this sorry


On a serious note, i have to read books within about two weeks of starting them or i lose interest and start something else. Terrible habit but f reading a book over 10 months or whatever.


do you have to read 11 pages a day or can you just read it normally


You can read it normally but you won’t be welcome here.


reading ~11 pages a day for a year of a single book sounds literally impossible


No, because I’d end up becoming one of those arseholes that tells people he’s read War and Peace, and I try to avoid becoming that person at all costs.


Yeah I might do this


Surely Gravity’s Rainbow is worse

holistic cosmology etc


Heard a bloke on the radio the other week who’d tried listening to the W&P audiobook, found it very confusing and then resorted to reading the book. At that point he realised he’d been listening to the audiobook on shuffle.


just don’t tell people


ah for crying out loud jook, i put my copy into a storage box last thursday


hi cowcow!