War and Peace: 2019


Not exactly War and Peace are they


I’m not sure I appreciate about 70% of your post. If it’s just going to be ‘guys tories eh’ for the next 300 chapters is it not best to read something else bud?


Like I’m aware I’m fulfilling all stereotypes and getting close to flipping out about Shakespeare being funny but if we’re doing what’s essentially a daily book club let’s commit to dece discussion?


As Juke says, Chapter 4 is a goodie!

You need to probably need to try and get beyond the fact the characters are generally aristocrats if you’re going to enjoy the book. It’s early 19th century Tsarist Russia and it’s a story about big universal themes, and not really a narrow critique of class and privilege.

You may find some less ‘tory’ sentiments from Pierre in Chapter 4 though and a general sense of an emerging generational divide. Pavlovna is more than happy to talk about politics, but only when it chimes with her world view (DiS hive mind!). You can see Pierre and Andrey starting to challenge this.


I guess you had to be there


I’m mainly looking forward to this thread being 5k posts of polls on who was in the wrong in a minor matter of St Petersburg court etiquette, and dank Kuragin memes.


30% is better than my engagement on Twitter so I’ll take it


yous fucking waking up and reading chapters or what

i’m doing it before i go to sleep, feel like i’m a day behind


This this this

Chapter 4 is a great example of how well the author deals with uncomfortable notions of revolution budding within the aristocracy and the notably feeble attempts to keep it contained.

The concept of Buonaparte as liberator amen tyrant in equal parts is also pretty on the nose in terms of general impressions of him at the time


Yes that is what I did this morning. Doubt it’ll always be the case.


Same it’s now part of my commute with checking emails and falling asleep


Read Chapter 4 this morning. G’wan Pierre m9!

I wonder if - for me at least - the chapter a day hasn’t been the best way to be inducted into the world of the book, as it’s taken until day four before a little bit of drama/challenge is introduced with Pierre’s view of the revolution/Napoleon.

Ordinarily when starting a new novel - particularly an epic one - I tend to try to give it a solid hour or so of reading in the first sitting, knowing it’ll take a while to establish the characters and setting. If that had been the case here I would have gotten through this bit in the first session, and it might have built some momentum for me and given me a little more to grasp hold of.

Obviously even a basic level of history means knowing it’s all going to kick off, but exposing the undercurrent of dissatisfaction and conflicting ideas in society/between the characters early on is reassuring that it’s not going to be 1,200 pages of people straining themselves to be polite with each other, because no matter how great the quality of the writing, I think I might struggle to truly enjoy it if that were the case.

Anyway the chapters are almost the perfect length for the tube section of my commute, which is handy and it’s nice to feel a little sense of achievement every morning before work.


I def get what you mean about the weirdness of reading this slowly. i have been getting stuck into wikipedia on the various events leading up to this point in history as a way of keeping that hype train full o coal


I just couldn’t do it I’m afraid. I’m chapter 20 now regrets.

Actually I regret not being able to discuss it with anyone, as per the whole point of this thread, for fear of massive spoilers. :neutral_face:


i feel like i’m having to fully restrain myself from at least doing two or three a day so it’s forgivable dude


Didn’t feel that way for me at all until today’s chapter, and now I’m into it. I could read it quicker but I do like the daily thread so I’ll stick at it. There’s other books to read in the meantime.


I’m looking forward to finding out how Pierre continues to put his foot in it social-etiquette-wise, so I appreciate your maintaining a dignified silence on as-yet-unread chapters.


i was wondering how often this thread will get bumped like two months from now

doubt we’ll all still be posting daily… probably only when we hit a real juicy chapter


exactly. i’ve got my lovecraft project to worry about, i can’t be dithering with Pierre all fackin day


Don’t you talk about my Pierre like that!