War and Peace: 2019


Come on and tell us why Boris’s mum is knee deep in a lawsuit already, Tolsters!

I’m quite enjoying it now. Chapter 15 on the Steve version done.


I’ve lost track of everything.


Powdered wigs fell off


No idea where I’m supposed to be with this by now but I’m up to chapter 19 of the Gutenberg and it’s back to boring Russian parties again. Don’t like many of the new characters; Anna ‘lend us a tenner’ Mikhaylovna, Marya ‘she tells it like it is!’ Akhrosimova and the boring Rostovs. The military types are all fairly interchangeable as well. Bring on the WAR!


This has done me


Today’s chapter in my version ended with Lend Us A Tenner and one of the Rostov’s(?) crying, and the sentence “but both of the women’s tears were sweet” or something.

Toltoy’s really a bit weird about women eh?


Also what was up with boring Rostov Dad. He has a collection of Turkish pipes but he doesn’t smoke them himself?


Some sort of pipe voyeur.


Caught up yesterday after missing a few days. Quite enjoying all the social niceties and Anna’s shameless grifting. Still maintain it’s quite funny, Tolstoy is a very arch narrator.

Haven’t pinned down who all the Rostov kids are though.


Pierre is so endearing although he’d do my nut in in real life

Edit: ffs autocorrect


Top 19th century Russian bangers pt. 1


Count knows how to throw a party!


sorry i’m so quiet on this, need a heavy catch up tonight then i’m backkkk

  • I’m still reading and I’m up to date
  • I’m still reading but I’ve fallen behind
  • I gave up
  • I was never part of this in the first place, dunno why I’m still reading this thread

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Think I’m up to date, but not 100% sure. Read a chapter a day anyway.


Needs an option for “screw it, I’m deep into part two already, the war is ON”




Realised today I can play the Daniel Cooper at the Russia-themed silent disco I’m djing next month


Btw, ol’ Lend Us a Tenner is playing an absolute blinder here


He’s a massive twat whom I love