War and Peace: 2019

i’m about halfway through now

still kinda sorta not enjoying it and sorta kinda enjoying it

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Yeah I keep my font quite large actually. I guess it drains the battery due to turning pages more often but it’s just easier on the eyes so why wouldn’t you?

That shit from the closing sections reminds me of recently reading The Once and Future King and it being tough in places but then it got to The Book of Merlin and I just had to sack it off because it’s just the author telling us all how shit humanity is and how bad we are etc. under the guise of Merlin chatting to Arthur before he dies.

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Finally finished this on the way in to work this morning.

I started out quite enjoying it, but gradually Tolstoy sucked out all the good will I had towards the book until I was pretty much just hate-reading it by the end.

Characterisation is wafer thin for a book that spends so long with them, and they change direction and motivation on a whim; the treatment of the female characters is dire (yeah, yeah - I know context of the time and that but reducing them to “wimmin just needs to be married or they won’t be happy” is a joke); the endless shit takes on the nature of history; that ending rant is absolute tosh; the inclusion of an almost chapter-long extended metaphor comparing Moscow to a bee hive.

Honestly don’t think I’ve ever read anything where the actual quality was so divergent from its reputation.

Rating Shite/10.


Pretty much gave up reading W+P a month ago. Can’t say these reviews make we want to continue with it. Don’t care what crazy scrapes Pierre gets into anymore

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I have fallen well behind again. Might try do a manic catch up.

I agree with a lot of the points that you’ve made here (the ending bit sucked hard) but I wonder if the terrible ending soured the reading experience overall? I think that there is enough good stuff in the book to make it worth reading, it just ends up being a real slog because of how it ends.

I completely agree about the female characters. Certainly if you compare to Anna Karenina, it’s amazing the gulf in quality between well rounded female character there and total lack of one here.

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I think the ending was just the final nail in the coffin for me. I’d actively started disliking it around the halfway point.

By the end I was a seething ball of indignant rage.

Might have been his lazy caricature of the wisdom of the peasants in Platov Karatayev that tipped me over the edge.

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Nearly finished this

I don’t care about it at all

my kindle has broken and now I’ve fallen behind

haven’t exactly rushed out to find a paper copy

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didn’t update in this thread but i finished it

didn’t enjoy it, sorry for creating this thread and sorry for not seeing the project through in the way it was intended

i let you all down and I’ll do my best to regain your trust.

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i hate you jook

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Had already forgotten I’d spent 4 months this year reading it.

Shithouse book.

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really surprised at how shite it is

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Properly baffled by its reputation. Reckon it’s just loads of people who’ve not read it going “oh yeah, it’s magnificent! Such epic scope! And wonderful characters!” and hoping no-one actually reads it and calls them out on their bullshit.

I’m at least a month behind. Might make it my commute book or something, try and smash through it. This one a day business does not work.

yeah i couldn’t do one a day. seven a week just about worked but would prefer to just fuckin read it

Good bit behind as well, will pick it up again soon (maybe do a few chapters at a time)

Have hit the halfway mark!

A few thoughts thus far:

Really struggled for the first couple of books but started to fall in love with it after that. Not sure how much is just a very slow start with too many character, how much was the pain of reading it one chapter a day which flat out doesn’t work. Now I’m in the flow, I’m fully on board - Pierre, Andrew, Natasha, Nicholas, all a fascinating bunch of lads. Annoyingly I went to check a minor thing today and spoiled myself, but interesting to see how it plays out at least.

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Caught up with this now lol. The characters have got a bit more interesting, war bits are still really boring.