War and Peace: 2019


I am confused already. Don’t know who that lady with the moustache is.


Read it last year. Was triff.


I explained that up here

(I have no idea either.)


Lise Bolkonsky. Married to Prince Andrey Bolkonsky.


Needs an option for “I’m reading it but I doubt I’ll stick to just one chapter a day or I’ll forget who they all are very quickly”

I’ve already read chapter three and fully intend to blast past chapter four today. I would like to apologise in advance to anyone that this upsets.

  • I watched the BBC version of this from a year or two ago
  • I did not watch the BBC adaptation
  • I believe that polls should include more than two options.

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I’m assuming it’s her sister that they’re intending to marry with the idiot son then?


It’s her sister-in-law as Lise is only married in to the Bolkonsky family, but yeah it is Marya they want to marry Anatole off to.


I’m gonna catch up at the weekend I think. Then I’ll either get on the daily read as is the whole point of the thread or I’ll stick to a once a week thing. I dunno, I’m not a clairvoyant.


I’m assuming Pierre is Paul Dano, yes?


I was trying to cast him in my head and that makes sense.

I almost feel like the chapters are too short for daily reading, I’m also going to struggle to remember what’s going on, but I’ll stick with it for now, otherwise will have to do chunks at a time.


oh i forgot yesterday, ahm oot


Chapter 3 done.

It’s all kicking off now eh?

The abbe(?) and that other fella were having a keen discussion but Pavlova soon put a stop to that. WAR is ON.


Yeah, I was wondering if I’d been reading some extra small chapters or something. So short!


Right sorry I’m late: now up to speed and finished chapter 3

Quite a lot of thoughts on his writing which I’ll put down at lunch.

Quick shout out to the people who are here to heckle to prob just fuck off outta the thread?

More l8r


Anna: yeah Pierre mate you can come to the sesh, just don’t get all political



I like the metaphor about our Anna managing the conversation at her do like a factory overseer putting all the factory bits in order. Quality metaphor game from the big man right there.


he’s a demon of a writer. slightly startled that peeps ain’t impressed but different strokes etc


I’ve noticed that about 90% of the book so far is about people being awkward in social gatherings.

I have no idea why this book has taken off so well on here.


I think the writing is very good. Except for the first paragraph. That’s a shocker.