War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing

What a wild and bleak headline

No good is going to come from investing €2bn in munitions factories - companies are not renowned for wanting to go out of business

“Nammo”? JFC…

Yeah, good of the Guardian to run an advertorial for them

Lol had literally C&Pd that link and was thinking of the best thread to put it in.

Maybe the most 2023 headline possible.


Imagine the world wed have if people had actually paid attention to Eisenhower’s whole speech instead of just going “Military Industrial Complex you say? That sounds like a good idea”

Yeah, i went through the rolling descent, non uk politics, Russian invasion, Guardian before settling on creating one


Nothing to add but thread title is making me wanna watch Seinfeld.

god, war is awful isn’t it

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Good for shareholders

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