Wardrobe malfunction thread


I’ve just this minute ripped the sleeve of a TM Lewin/Charles Tyrwhitt shirt that I was very clearly measured incorrectly for. I did a stretch and now I look like if the Hulk took a middle management job and got very mildly peeved at some financial reports.

Also was anyone else shocked by seeing that Inbetweener’s actual bollock on the fashion show episode?

More wardrobe malfunction stories below, please.


rocking an ever growing crotch hole in the ol’ jeans atm.


Ugh, I bought a stupidly expensive clingy dress after I’d lost loads of weight for a wedding and I was obviously a bit enthusiastic because I spent the entire day feeling very uncomfortable. The wedding was in a garden and we had to walk up these big cement steps towards the wedding ceremony, as I was taking a step up I heard this very loud RRRIIIIIPPPPP!!! as the bottom of the skirt slit burst open. Sigh, beamer.


I caught the pocket of my trousers on the armrest of my chair a few weeks ago and ripped a wee hole below the pocket.

A pair of jeans must’ve got snagged in the washing machine or something a few weeks back, and had a rip on the front of the crotch. Sat down in the car to go out and realised I could see my boxers through it. That was a close call. The replacement jeans I bought have a label in them saying 34" waist, but after getting them home and trying them on, etc I found out they are actually a 38" - so taking them back is on my to-do list.


Wore a jumper I haven’t worn for ages to dinner the other week. Turns out there were massive holes in each arm pit.


corrosive armpits?


Apparently so!


sitting down in a kilt; numerous infractions


Absolutely worth it though.


Ripped my trousers diving through some foam rollers in a children’s soft play place. Gunts were clearly then visible which isn’t great at the best of times but in that kind of place is even worse.


Got a shirt where the button directly over my bellly button always comes undone. Realised about an hour into a recent meeting with about 20 attendees that I’d been sitting there with my belly hanging out the whole time.

I was shocked at the bollock, yes.


Did you style it out and do Belly Savalas?


yes (don’t know what this means)


zero malfunction, 100% funktion with my clothes


It’s a Black Books reference but I can’t find the clip sadly


Found it!


I definitely have these - all my Tshirts go in the pits first


dara from girl band had several wardrobe malfunctions on the weekend
on Saturday he popped a button of his dockers
on sunday he couldn’t take his shirt off and had to get denial to help him
was stuck on his hand like an elongated glove, or a deflated puppet.


Early Craig David lyrics needed revising


as does my spelling of daniel