Warehouse Project 2019

The bulk of the line up was announced yesterday. Lots and lots of names hiding in there…

Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning

Feels a bit of the same old, same old just in a bigger space (apart from Aphex Twin). That Homo Electric night is the best and most interesting one by a long way for me.

Is Skrillex not completely terrible anymore then? Feels weird that hes playing with Four Tet

I thought that too.

He’s played with him before (at the Camden Underworld of all places), reports were very positive.

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Like every year the lineups are stellar but the it’s the other stuff (the half nine last entry, the notoriously heavy-handed security, the sheer fucking size of it) that puts me off. Would happily go to Four Tet’s day/night if it was somewhere else and about a fifth of the size.

Feels like there’s very little variation year on year nowadays. They’re occasionally fun, but I guess when you have such exhaustive lineups they’re going to look a bit samey.

Would love to have seen a more experimental night programmed – OPN/Forest Swords/Actress/Laurel Halo kinda thing.

Four Tet and Underworld are the only ones I might do this year.

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Probably the least adventurous promoters in the country

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Homobloc is pretty much the only one of those I’d want to go to. I have to say that, having lived in Manchester, moved away and then moved back a decade later, there… isn’t that much that looks massively different.

Less minimal techno, I guess?

I think that’s part and parcel of the size of the space tbh. People will keep booking parties like Drumcode, Cocoon, Feel My Bicep etc because they’re guaranteed to fill a big room. The drop-off from them to the next tier is pretty steep so it’s not worth the risk.

The new venue is 10,000 capacity. Way too massive for me before I even looked at the bookings. It’s always felt dangerously oversold at Store St too (Caribou about five years ago was awful for it!). Chances are it’ll be the same here.

The monopoly they have over Manchester is disgraceful. Thank god for The White Hotel, Hidden, Soup Kitchen, Joshua Brooks etc

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Think in the past they’ve ticketed gigs to the capacity of the club space and got away with it by sticking some DJ in one of the other rooms, which leads to the overcrowding you mentioned when a night has a big headliner (one of my friends said she felt physically unsafe at LCD Soundsystem).

I felt particularly claustrophobic when Chic and Hot Chip did a night at Victoria Warehouse.

As for them being the least adventurous promoters bang on the money. Just see the Parklife line ups for that.

There is some really good stuff out there a Whities night would be a good start. In the beginning they also had bands on which has got less and less over the years.

The one thing I do know Sacha Lord asks every year and has been rejected is for Daft Punk to play he’s been after them since it started and has asked every year.

I imagine the organisers of most festivals try to get Daft Punk every year tbf

I true, from what I was told they a are bit more active than most in trying to make it happen (whatever that being more active is I don’t have a clue send them a fruit basket)

Foolish. Robots don’t eat fruit.

That’s were they have been going wrong for the last 14 years.

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Straightbloc looks better than homobloc imho

Surprised to see the Wicked Witch of the West in there

Poor Maximo Park :frowning:

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