Warm quiche is such an underrated main tea ingredient...


Got to be warm, for flavour and texture.

Something wet with it, preferably beans.

Great stuff. As good as a chicken kiev i’d say.


That was a party political broadcast on behalf of the warm quiche party.


American Pie VII: Warm Quiche


with salad and an egg and a bit of salad cream for dipping imo

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Ovening it makes the onions crunchy, warny. That’s the key to a good quiche. The keyche, you might say.


I sometimes call it Lorraine’s Quiche.

Little joke i have.


Stick some extra cheese on the top, a Mexicana maybe if you’re in the mood, and count me in.


Say this to the person who looks after my delicatessen section most days. No wonder she hates me.


Can’t abide supermarket ones cos the vegetarian ones always have onion in them, so don’t really have quiche very much. I made one recently for the first time I ages and it was banging.


cheese flan

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love quiche. another excellent meal made possible by our friend, the humble egg


Got a friend who is known to have warm quiche instead of eggs with his fried breakfast.

It’s not for me, but fair play to him.


Do you not like onion? :open_mouth:


There are to be fair quite a lot of foods I don’t like, but onion would probably be #1 on my list of all time worst things ever


That must be pretty annoying for you as onions as in almost everything


I’m famous for enjoying quiche


cancels flights back to the UK


It’s pretty much a continual nightmare, yeah. No cheap pasta sauces over here!

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I can never decide, so I usually have a cold alive while the rest is in the oven.


I make quiche. It is good. I like it.