Warming lunch thread

It’s far too cold for sandwiches today, so what have you got? Our canteen has gone a bit rogue on the portions: lamb jalfrezi, bhajis, naan bread and chutney. Lamb’s a bit fatty but otherwise 7/10


I’ve got a cold, cold sandwich :pensive:

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Oh Jeremy :cry:

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Pork tonkatsu :grin:

Edit: just realised that I shouldn’t have specificed the “pork” bit

Therefore: tonkatsu!


I dunno what to get or where to go! There’s nowhere super close that I can grab something nice from. Might have to just get a salad! :frowning:

Went to Subway.

Foot long steak and cheese. Jalapeños, onion, tomatoes and sweet corn. Chipotle sauce.

Penne with pork meatballs. Home-cooked and brought in…

Tuna mayo and sweetcorn wrap. Poor substitute for a burrito, but at least I don’t have a Deliveroo rider’s icy death on my conscience.

Or sub-minimum wage earnings, I suppose.

Mulligatawny with a dusting of chilli flakes, and a third of a baguette sans butter for dipperyage.

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Gonna do noodles again I think

Wor Lass made a lentil and vegetable soup. It was good. It was served with some buttered toast.

I’ll probably have a coffee and a biscuit to follow.

Was going to get poutine from The Poutinerie but the market has been cancelled due to the snow (very unCanadian) so I’m now bereft

Buttered toast with soup :+1:

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Wfh so threw some leftovers in the oven. Got a rhubarb, chorizo and potato traybake (adapted Anna Jones recipe, fact fans) on the left and leftover Chinese broccoli from Busaba on the right.


Got these noodles, they’re pretty tasty. Gonna have a doughnut for pudding.


This sounds very nice but rhubarb?

I was eyeballing these in Morrisons t’other evening. I nearly picked a few up but I’ve been fooled by what turned out to be pot noodles in fancy packaging before. Are they definitely better than pot noodle?

My wife loves it! The tartness works quite well if it’s cut up really small, but not to everyone’s tastes I’m sure. :slight_smile:

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