Warming up your plates for dinner (or lunch and breakfast)


Do you warm up your plates before putting your dinner on them?

This is not a poll but a discussion.


Last time we did this I think the consensus was that it was weird if you didn’t do it but that the boiling water method was complete faff.


Yes. Yes I do.


What’s your method crispo?

Don’t think I have ever done it.


Of course I don’t, I’m not a Tory.


I don’t.

Probably should though, our flat is freezing and meals go cold well quickly.



don’t eat slow enough for there to be any point in this.


probably makes more sense to bung the heating on.


Heating’s already on full whack :anguished:


We use the dishwasher, put the plates in you want, turn the dial around to dry and the press on. 5 minutes later plates are boiling hot


Someone came into my office earlier and said it was too warm in here and I should turn my heating down, then actually switched it off and left.

It’s my office. There’s nobody else in here.


Sometimes I’ll pop a side plate in the toaster for around 10 seconds or so.


That’s so rude.


I’ve stopped holding in my farts in case they feel like coming back in to check on it later. And they thought it was “a bit stuffy” in here before!!


I think Epimer’s left out the bit where he was sitting naked in his office, fanning his privates with an important memo.


I don’t, because my house is not a restaurant.


FUCK YOU. We’re paperless.


Well, not with that attitude.


I’ve missed a chris_is_cool joke here, haven’t I.


The last thread on this topic was an absolute belter http://drownedinsound.com/community/boards/social/4420408#r7170488