Warming your plates

Haven’t discussed this in a while, have we.

Do you warm your plates before serving a meal?

  • lol no
  • lol yes

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Feels like it was last week.


The only food I warm plates for are croissants as they best when they are hot enough to melt the butter straight away and on a cold plate they loose their heat far too quickly.

a lot of time i can’t be bothered warming the food itself you think i’m going to warm the plate


Could strike a happy medium and just warm the pizza scissors.


still absolutely not a thing

No, only after

In the sink, using hot water?

You got it!

Depends. Are your plates mostly made of water?



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A friend who’s a chef warms his plates when I’ve been round his place. But it’s enough for me to co-ordinate all the various pans and stuff to manage to warm the plates as well.

This only counts as warming the plate in a microwave if you’re using a first, sacrificial ready meal to warm the plate that you serve the second, actual ready meal on.

I hope yor happy with yourselves all you plate warmers are adding to global warming, but I suppose its worth for the sensation of not having to touch a cold or tepid plate, yor as bad the globe heads!


Proper pisses me off when mum does it if they get a takeaway in. Never lasts long enough to go cold, and all you do is burn ya fuckin’ fingers

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Always, unless it’s a cold meal, obviously

Thanks for getting me irked at people who think it’s too much bother…

Which of your butlers do you have do the plate warming ceremony?

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wat kind of precious, pampered baby warms their plates lol haha

At Christmas yes.

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