Warnings from your nan

Got to talking about things our nans said at the weekend. Remembered when i went to Australia my nan wrote me a letter that ended: “keep your legs crossed and your hand on your tuppence”

Someone else said their nan would always say goodbye and then mutter “men are wolves”.

Nans eh :heartpulse: Let’s hear some more.


My grandma always used to say that if someone goes to tell you something and forgets what it is then it was a lie and you shouldn’t believe it. Good advice imo.


“Don’t go picking up any dog poo” - To me and Ricky when we were just going for a kick-around in the playpark outside her house (this was a Great Nan tbf to her)


nothing i would care to repeat tbh :zipper_mouth_face:

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My grandma used to warn me all the time, but she always did it in Malay (not my heritage, colonialist army grandparents) so I was never entirely sure of the specifics. Basic sentiment was that I needed to be careful a bunch though.

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This is awful and sorry for dragging the thread down but my two nans passed away so long ago I can’t really remember their sayings :frowning:

They both dressed impeccably though. And I have fond memories of using one nan’s saloon style kitchen doors as a prop for me bursting through while singing musical songs.


Ah love that image of you!

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My gran once said that “don’t make silly faces as they’ll stay that way when the wind changes”.

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Stop biting your fingernails

‘Have a nice time but be careful in Shagaluf’.


My gran used to give me fruit pastilles from a little pantry cupboard under the stairs. That’s super exciting when you are about 5 years old.

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Dunno. One granny warned me about pronouncing ‘drawer’ correctly (there’s no R in the middle) and that it’s ETcetera not eckcetera, ee tee see, ee tee see.

Tarty Gran (RIP) used to tell me to always wear lipstick and never just have one boyfriend.


I’m sat here saying drawer to myself. No r in the middle? Door? DraRwer. I’m so confused.

Not really a warning but my Grandma’s elocution lessons as a nipper render her incapable of saying “hot dog” without really over-pronouncing the T

Quite often catch myself using sayings casually that aren’t commonplace now but then realising that I got it from my grandparents. It’s nice. Feels like they’re somehow present in that moment of realisation.

i like the sound of your tarty gran


actually, although it’s not a warning, i did get a lot of my manx sayings from one of my nans who was WELL MANX.

she used to live in this tiny farmhouse in andreas (long before i was born), and i’ve been to see it recently (it’s derelict) and it’s amazing thinking my mum grew up there. they only got an inside bathroom in the 70s.

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Yes! I heard someone use the world slancing on a youtube video rceently and i thought my nan had made that up but its a real thing! Going to bring it back i think.


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So I would say it the same as drawrer but it’s supposed to be draw-er, well according to granny.

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