Warp x NTS

Might already be a thread for this but it looks amazing. My weekend is sorted


Yep, been looking forward to this, my weekend taken care of

For the BoC fans, this is what appears to be scheduled…

The Warp10 show is legendary, and features some phenomenal, as yet unnamed tracks from that period, in questionable quality up to this point. So if it’s a soundboard recording that’ll be awesome.

No idea what “Societas X” is.



Didn’t realise Bonehead ‘did a radiohead’ after leaving Oasis and jumped on the Warp wagon


oooh, This looks great. I’ll have to remember to tune in when I’m free.

Wow this is exciting news!!

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What’s the programme, beyond the names? Will some be live in the studio, others be mixes, others be old recordings and stuff? What’s the deal?

I’m hoping there will be a chance to listen back

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Twoism.org are on it. Taping it, of course. And trying to work what it’ll be.


There’s more info on the website, but looks like mostly pre-recorded stuff

This has to be it. I can’t believe we are going to hear this after 20 years without the chattering. This would be enough to excite me, but Sunday evening is a must listen.


I’ve been trying to contain my excitement for the last couple of days but it’s impossible. The Warp 10 show alone would be massive news, but another 2 hours of… something…? Forget about it. Actually getting slightly giddy. By Sunday night I’m going to be in a state of hysteria. Good times!

Was confused about scheduling initially, before realising that there will be programming across TWO channels on NTS across the weekend.

Channel 1 Schedule: https://www.nts.live/schedule

Channel 2:

This is going to be annoyingly good isn’t it. Bloody show offs

Cheers mate

Strong start from Mark Pritchard atm!

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Love that Aphex Twin is on at 6am in Sunday. Perfect time for the Dads.

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Darkstar sounding lovely.

The listing for the Warp 10 show tomorrow night now says “Unoffical Bootleg Recording”. :worried: