my headphones broke today, only one side works, they were expensive so not gonna just ignore it, they’re only a year old and i have the warranty

purchased from amazon

so what do i do now?



Contact Amazon.


I mean you could have gone on Amazon and it would have told you there


i had a look but couldn’t see an obvious returns/broken stuff section


Dunno why people are saying amazon - surely the warranty is with the manufacturer, not the retailer?


His two-year consumer protection is from the point of sale, not the manufacturer.


had to do this recently. email the support address for the company with your receipt and details of the fault.




I had trouble finding it but there’s an email.




Remove an ear


This has happened to me with earbuds before, and in my experience both the people who I bought it from and the manufacturer said it was the other person’s problem. Then I looped everyone into an email together and they worked it out amongst themselves.

However with Amazon they’ve honoured warranty stuff every time no questions asked. Pretty sure there’s a link on your purchase history about it or something, was quite taken back how easy it was.


wrote on their facebook page, sent an email and then 4 1/2 hours later they sent me an email to say i’m getting a free replacement

didn’t expect it given that the item in question cost £122 (and is now selling at £135 funnily enough)

been paying for prime and barely taking advantage of it so i guess they owe me something (they also owe the tax man something don’t they)


No worries mate.


yeah should’ve said thanks





Fuck 'em up wiggy :+1:


Can’t believe there’s no Amazon in Australia


what would be more rare is an example of amazon not immediately replacing or refunding the item. anyone ever had that happen?


Always buy headphones with detachable cables. (Unless the driver is busted, that should be covered by manufactures warranty)


given how good the quality was i’m gonna try repair the broken ones, if it’s just a a cable it shouldn’t be too hard… i think