Warsaw then

I’ve never been to Poland, but I’m considering going over there for a few days later this spring. Is Warsaw worth visiting or would Krakow be better? Any suggestions for things to do, etc? Thanks

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Thought this would make a change from the 57 threads asking about things to do in Lisbon…

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Went to Warsaw about a dozen years ago and had a very good time, albeit was a 6/10 euro city. Pretty much everyone says Krakow is the one.

Go to both if you have the time! They’re well connected and very different to each other. ~3 days in each would be great.

Great, thanks. Might look into doing that actually.

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Krakow’s the nicer city. Definitely younger and more vibrant but it’s absolutely rammed with horrendous British and American tourists. (Best bookshop i’ve ever found, though. Spent most of my time in there.)

I quite liked Wroclaw as a big city alternative, and Torun if you’re after a smaller, quiet town-y place.

This was definitely worth it even though it was heartbreakingly sad.

Cuda Na Kiju - Craft beer bar in the old communist party HQ. Thought that was cool.

The shot places are good for a really cheap shot before going out onto something else.

We did a really good cycling tour there which helped me like it more. First impressions weren’t really great but the cycling tour took us to places we wouldn’t have gone to and saw a lot of really great stuff. You can cycle from one side of the city to the other via various parks so it’s a really nice tour.

Beetroot soup :heart:
Lard on bread with pickles.
Nice buildings.
I fed a red squirrel in the park (can’t find the pic tho!)

Warszawa Powiśle is a nice trendy area.


Yeah the thing that put me off Krakow a bit was I’d heard it was a bit touristy (hypocritical I know, as that’s what I’d be doing).

Great! Thank you!

We got the train from Poznan (we were going to see Kraftwerk in some disused industrial outdoor space - was cool but not much to do there otherwise apart from the Lech brewery tour) to Warsaw. Got a nice little private cabin thing, super clean, not mega expensive (I can’t remember) quick. It’s the same train that comes from Berlin.

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Warsaw is fine. it’s a bit grey, although the old (reconditioned) square is nice. there’s some stuff to do and see. Krakow is nicer though, prettier and it too has some stuff to do and see.

edit: only been to either in December, though; Krakow has better Christmas markets

The only quibble i had about Poland is wherever i went and asked for tea, even if i checked it was English tea, i’d get served Lipton fucking ice tea.

Take a small box of Yorkshire, pal.

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