I’m off to the capital of the Pole people on Wednesday. It’s for a stag thing at the weekend but I’m going solo for two days prior, so I need some enriching things to see and do before the testosterone takes hold. At the moment the plan is just to walk around and eat and drink whatever catches my eye.

Any recommendations? Particularly anywhere with good music (jazz scene?) and a museum or two would be swell.

You could have entitled this thread: Warsaw (what is it good for?)

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Warsaw is great.

We did a free walking tour which met in the Old Town. Was probably the best free tour I’ve been on. Afterwards the guide gave us a lil map with food and drink recommendations on it.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum is very good – definitely go there.

There’s a couple of modern art galleries I think but I didn’t make it there.

There’s lots of micro breweries in Warsaw, can’t remember the name of any but there’re all kind of fun. Bumped into our very own @dots in one a few years back.

The Secret Garden is an area with loads of bars where you can get a beer / shot of vodka for about 80p. Very dangerous.

Warsaw University Library has an excellent garden on the roof and a very good cafe.

There’s also a massive park which is lovely to walk around.

I love Poland.

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