Was amazed recently by two people I was in the company of

one of whom expressed that it had admittedly been many years since he’d been on a bus, the other, younger than me, was in disbelief that we were getting a bus and tried to insist that we get an Uber.

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Got a bus for the first time in ages this morning. This was due to needing to get to centre pre-first train.

The peasant wagon.



Uber weirds me out

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I think people only get them so they can sound like they’re in a critically acclaimed tv drama


Hope you pretended to drive it.


I get 2 buses to work each day and have an omelette sandwich between the two of them.

That said, I feel like shit today so am on the way back home.

So what you mean is you drive one bus, stick an omelette sandwich to the back of it, get in the second bus and ram the back of the first bus, get back in the first bus, drive to work with the omelette sandwich acting like a sort of adhesive tow rope

Caught the bus to the cricket a couple of weeks back.

It’s such an irritating mode of transport, stopping every couple of hundred yards, sitting in traffic. Combines all the worst bits of a car journey and a train journey.

No need to be obtuse, that’s obviously not what I meant!

I actually stand on top of both buses, one foot on each, eating the sandwich like a somewhat-peckish Evil Knievel.


Can I shock you?
I really enjoy riding the bus. Not when it’s packed and smelly, of course. But in general the motion of a bus is pleasing to me, while I listen to music and watch the world go by.
I especially love being on the front row on the top deck (doesn’t everyone?!)


Bus during rush hour/commute = frustrating hell
Bus to the shops at 11am on Saturday = lovely stuff


you get those people who travel the whole country on local buses using their free bus pass don’t you

how the other half live eh

i used to work for a bus company and the guy who did the payroll stuff also worked/ran manchester transport museum. only a couple of years off retirement and used to spend half his time at the museum looking after two old buses he owned. sometimes he hired them out for weddings and telly and that. think he used to be a driver as well? anyway everyone knew him, even all the mardy drivers


do the drivers of UK North buses on Oxford Rd still smoke?

uk north doesnt exist any more, not since a crash near wetherspoons at the beginning of the curry mile about 10 years ago i think. dunno if the crash was the reason they closed but it was around the same time

it was a bit of a joke bus company eh. I always remember Finglands was cool cos you could get away with smoking on the top deck, UK North was the ultimate cos the drivers smoked while driving.

finglands is gone as well. we’re old, smee