Was Anyone Getting Any Fake News on Their Facebook?


I can’t recall seeing any.

I’m not even on FakeNewsBook Etc

Sorry if this has already been asked


Getting loads from the guardian about how the palace refurbishment will be paid for


i don’t understand how it’s different to getting news anywhere else?

not like any of the tabloids are bastions of truth


also have genuinely never been on facebook even once so idk


Not a FBr (facebooker) myself but someone I work with said the Goldie Hawn had Died and it turns out it was on FB (facebook) I tried to make an Overboard joke but it wasnt funny


wonder if anyone has ever mixed up Goldie Hawn (actress) and Golden Dawn (far-right group) with hilarious consequences


the article today is about Ian Watkings tweeting


In terms of bullshit stories shared by people I know? Yeah, tonnes.


no but i saw people link plenty of it in comment arguments under real news