Was behind a woman in my local corner shop the other day who bought at least £35 worth of food



fucking lunacy! pies! peas! clotted cream! biscuits! other stuff that added up to £35!

why the fuck would someone do a solid shop in an overpriced corner shop?

dunno if this’ll work


Used to do my weekly shop at the sainsbo’s at piccadilly station when i lived in manchester


Maybe it was the only place they could easily get to.

Maybe they were really hungry.

Maybe they felt like spending some money.


Maybe they figured the convenience was worth the extra cost. I do this all the time, because it’s only money, isn’t it, and also I am extremely lazy.


and also extremely rich


Said the senior vice-president executive manager to the lowly wage slave!



check out Imelda Marcos doin her big shop


Once saw the fella who owned the shop opposite my old flat have a go at a lady for doing exactly this. He was in disbelief when she asked him why he didn’t have any cornichons.


noel edmonds is looking well


probably should have mentioned - I was only really pissed off with her as I was behind, waiting to pick up a solitary pack of blue rizla

she can do whatever the hell she wants with her money


maybe she wanted to support a local indie instead of big corps maaaan


Maybe she bought £10-15 worth of groceries, and like two packs of (non-jazz) cigarettes. Can’t believe the price of those things nowadays.


Did you steal this from that time when Kristy Allsopp shamed someone’s breakfast?


Quite often I’ll end up stuck behind someone in the Cambridge Station M&S Simply Food who’s buying a full basket’s worth of shopping. As if I don’t feel guilty enough for buying a reduced price savoury cheese sandwich an hour from dinner time, I’m now also running the risk of missing my train.


No, it’s from my big .doc of excuses for my pointlessly profligate spending habits.



Try saying that three times quickly after a whole bottle of M&S Prosecco that wasn’t even on sale or anything, you just fancied a treat!


.#trainprosecco #cheeky


Think we’re guilty of a bit of the ol’ class snobbery here. There’s a clear correlation between how much income people have, how far they’re likely to go for food and how much stuff they’d get at once. Lots of people live day to day. A surprising number will probably live their lives within a few hundred yards. Maybe some are still stuck in generational habits, idk, supermarkets and metros are still a relatively new phenomenon in most suburban areas of big cities outside London. For me the grim part isn’t that people go for the convenience, more that these kind of shops hardly ever sell fresh food, and so the circle starts again. Bit shit, really, but it is what it is.