Was getting my hair cut the other week and after a bit the hairdresser said "you aren't the most talkative are you?"


I kind of did this.
I lied about my age, made myself about 5 years younger, hoping she’d take pity on me for the shit state of my hair.
It did mean I had to listen to a lot “It’s ok, you’re only twenty-something, you’ll understand when you’re older…” talk though.



anyone else like to shut their eyes when they get a haircut?
try it its nice


Yeah, stops hair getting in your eyes


Sounds a bit sensual. Seems like having a massive stonk on would make the haircut more awkward


when they use the blow dryer to blow it all off the hair goes all on my shoes and then I have hairy shoes :anguished:


I usually blow dry myself off after including my shoes

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

do all sensual experiences give you a boner? nightmare


I think all barbers are on a power trip


just need to establish early on that you’re not down to chat. “sorry i cant hear you, i havent got my glasses on”


I pretend to be someone else when I’m on holiday or in a hotel bar, oh and in pregnancy yoga classes I kept my name but I had a different life.




Read or heard somewhere that one of the oldest recorded jokes (from Ancient Greek times or something) was along the lines of:

Man goes into the barbers:
Barber: How would you like your hair cut?
Customer: In silence.

Nothing ever changes.


Fuck offfff:
Got chewy stuck in my hair because some girl in year 7 threw it in my hair when we were all watching Moulin Rouge. The hairdresser said “what have you been eating, in your hair?”. I should’ve said oh do forgive me that’s a carbonara I was planning on eating later but thought I’d store in my hair.


The thing is, even in the unlikely event that your hairdresser does have the most talkative person in the world as a customer, they still must be saying this to all other customers. THAT’S THE THING HERE.


The greatest compliment I can pay the lady who cuts my hair is that she rarely says anything that isn’t essential to the proceedings- I have the utmost respect for any sombre barber.


When I used to go (bought some new clippers a few weeks back, to DIY it myself), mine always managed to gauge my willingness to engage in banal chit chat perfectly each visit.


I cut my dad’s hair and sometimes he’ll tell me the crazy things my mum’s been up to lately but sometimes we just watch Bargain Hunt.


Oh great, now I’m going to have to talk to them about what I do for a living, which even I don’t give the remotest shit about. Same thing every time, it’s so mentally tedious and exhausting.


Worst haircut experience: the guy cutting my hair - who’d done a great job to that point - was rubbing rosewater into my hair and neck and stuck his hands down the front of my shirt. I’d like to think it was an accident but Christ alive I froze.