Was on the train and just saw a women testing the empty seats before she chose one!

It wasn’t even a long journey. I could see the one she wanted but it was next to a broad shouldered man and could tell that put her off. Very unusual, come on Dis now tell me how perfectly normal this is?

I guess unusual in the scheme of that I’ve not seen someone do that and I get the train a lot, but if she has a reason for wanting a particularly comfortable seat then fine by me.

But what was she testing for? It started to make me question my own seat choice

Maybe she has a back problem and was looking for a particularly firm seat?

mystery seat tester. More of them about than you’d think.

I don’t think it is something to be encouraged

a very small and odd way of being charitable to strangers. I think she was just one of those ppl who always want the best

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You’re the weirdo!

She might have been testing it for piss

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How so? I was just viewing the situation and reporting back to gd ppl of Dis and this is what I get from u!

maybe she gets static electric shocks from some seats but not others?

and she enjoys these shocks so much she goes round getting them from all the seats?
I think u need to re think this theory

Maybe she was from the train company and is employed as some sort of seat tester?

she’s on the hunt for the perfect shock

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Maybe she suffers from involuntary get-to-her-feetitis and and is also forced to live by the lose your seat rule.

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Being on a train.

Seeing something.

Remembering it.

Posting on DiS.

The list goes on.


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She sounds like a cunt

Ah, the Voice of Reason.

finally someone with some sense

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thought this was a solve this mystery thread but it turns out it was just a people who thread