Was there

…an annoying kid in or around your friend group(s) when you were growing up who called their parents by their first names?

(Excluding step-parents, foster parents, parents they didn’t have regular contact with, etc, etc).

I had three mates who did this. Fucking three. Two of them became horrendous adults, so i guess that proves my theory.

Hi, have always called my dad by his first name (but not my mother). Never seemed strange. He also refused to wear a suit or drink alcohol.

yeah I know people (3) who do this, and I do not like them very much at all.

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The worst thing when I was a kid was my best mate was chosen due to proximity. He lived next door and was just ten days younger than me. His parents were indoors naturists. They might have been outdoor naturists too, on holidays or something. But in their own home they would rarely be clothed. Even with a neighbour’s pre-teen in the house.

Did you live with them both?

I’d only call my dad by his first name but we’ve never lived together. Had we lived together i’d have called him dad. Wouldn’t dream of calling my mum by her first name, which as adults is maybe a bit weird, but always considered it a sign of disrespect as a kid.

Why were you trying to get your dad to wear a suit and get lashed?

Yeah we were a happy family until I was 13.

He’s a bit odd like that and in some ways I am too. Hopefully it won’t mean I am complete wank when I hit my mid to late 40s (thankfully many, many years away).

Thought we could have a nice day out at the races.


naked teetotal dads are the best!

Almost as if they thought nudity was nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of.


Not sure i’d let my kids go round to their mates house if their dad was just lying around with his todge out, really.

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i was there when captain beefheart started up his first band
i told him dont do it that way




obscure nineties US family sitcom My Naked Teetotal Dad is being revived by Netflix with a newly gritty and dark tone


Absolutely not weird. Why would you suddenly change what you call your mum once you’re 18 or whatever? (The only setting where I regularly refer to my parents by first name now is when talking to my grandmother who has early onset Alzheimer’s, to make it easier to understand who I’m talking about.)

yeah, one of my best mates did. honestly thought he was fostered or something the first few times I went round. I asked him a few years ago why he didn’t call his parents mum and dad and he told me he picked it up off his brother growing up, who has autism.

I’m not a naturist but I know some, and it’s only being around them that’s made me realise how much of an absolute fuss about nothing we make about clothes.

That’s pretty understandable i guess.

I don’t remember anyone doing that, but I did have a mate who’s parents would call each other mum and dad, even when my mate and his sister were adults

That’s even worse.

Bet they were one of those weird families who had a shared email address and mailout.

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