Was watching The Matrix (1999) last night

Which I haven’t seen in 20 years, and when they were recounting how the AI took over, Morpheus says that the AI relied on solar power to power themselves, so to try to stop them, humans fired something to block out the sun.
So humans fired something to block out the giver of all light and life to stop the AI.
Dumb huh? Hahaha

That’s it. Not really a thread…Any other dumb movie plot lines?


“Any other really fucking cool plot lines?” you mean


*The Matrix (1999)


Also, be a dear and add (1999) to your thread title, please

  • I would blow up the sun, given half a chance
  • I would not blow up the sun, given half a chance

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Amazing to think that Prince wrote a song called 1999, but it came out in 1982, a full 17 years earlier.


It’s amazing how some people can seemingly predict the future


There’s only one ‘The Matrix’ though. The new one (news to me! Why?!) is called ‘Matrix’!

I was watching the matrix reloaded (2003) recently. Actually only the first 25 mins so far. The caliber of sunglasses on display was extremely poor. Everyone looks like an utter buffoon.

But, now I think about it perhaps the sunglasses are a clever bit of filmmaking. If they all live in a sunless underground realm then whenever they visit the matrix they would be blinded by the sun. So they all have to wear shades even when indoors.

Either that or they’re all super edgelords

You really ought to go and read that long, already existing thread about The Matrix (1999) I reckon

There’s a film, I forget its name, but at one point, someone is trying to guess what the password to something is. Then the protagnoist notices that the baddie is wearing a necklace with GREED written on it and says to the nerd on the computer

Try… greed

Doesn’t even say all caps, lower case or what and guess what? It works.

Can’t remember the film, the cast, anything about it really, yet here we are in 2021, potentially 20 years later, maybe more, and I still remember that scene.


Anthony, I can assure you, I absolutely will not do that

Got a rare plot line on my current Stellaris game where you make contact with a black hole entity. The choices I took end with the sun in my home system collapsing into a black hole, which seems like a positive development for my civilisation of horrible psychic post-humans imho

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I think that makes you unwise, unkind and UNFIT to post on this community.

That also sounds very cool tbf

I can’t really remember what happens in the matrix
Can someone give me an overview?

I remember that film. Its called The man who’s password was GREED


Would add to the tension
“Try greed!”

“Is that capital G at the beginning…or just lower case all the way, or all caps?!”

bomb explodes


The “hero’s journey” narrative myth is skilfully setup to be taken down in the next two films

No, no wait. Instead of a G, maybe try and @ sign?

What? No, that would be instead of an a, surely?

Look, just try it, just try it.

What’s the point, it’s not going to be that.

Just fucking try it will you? It takes more time having this conversation than it does for you to just try it.

Look if you’re going to be like that, why don’t you sit at the fucking computer and type random shit.

Oh fucking great, here we go, giving up at again already. Right move out the fucking way, I’ll do it.

Takes seat at terminal, types @reed


Fucking told you I did, but would you listen? Would you fuck, you arrogant prick.