Wash before first use

strikes me as a bit of a rookie error to keep the gonorrhoea in the same warehouse as the pants tbqh


Maybe for some of us warehouse gonorrhoea is an upgrade

what do big beats and high-grade have to do with washing pans?

I did the same, but with a pair of jeans.

They turned my legs blue.

thats because you were wearing jeans

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aren’t clothes all full of pesticides when you first buy them
guess washing them once doesn’t make a difference though. i don’t do it anyway

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always wash asos stuff…its been sent to a million people to try on before you get it

(dont even buy from asos mate)

you’re meant to wash fruit and stuff before you eat it aren’t you?

fuck it

I thought a lot of stuff had a diluted formaldehyde type substance sprayed on to stop mould/bacteria/other stuff growing on it while it is shipped or waiting in storage or on the shelf? So if you have sensitive skin or don’t like chemicals its a good idea to wash before first use, no?

@epimer likes chemicals

I like to smell 'em

all of the above except pans, but it’s not always possible, as if i’m buying new socks or whatever it’s more than likely that i’ve no clean ones left.

towels are horrendous if you use them without washing them first - they don’t even dry properly.

who washes new socks or kecks ? they are packaged up ! no one has tried them on before you. Idiots.

what gets wetter the more it dries?

nicholas lyndhurst?



might half heartedly rinse a pan out. that’s about it though

clothes fresh from the shop are lovely and they’re never quite the same after that first wash

that said i’ve definitely tried clothes on in a shop on hot days when i’ve been a bit sweaty

I did recently wash a new towel before using it, because it seemed too soft so it wouldn’t have soaked up the water properly. Other than that, seem to be more fussy about pans and plates etc than clothes and fabrics

Shirts are the only clothes I’d wash first i think, as you’d still have all the creases from the packaging otherwise.