Washing foodstuffs

Do you generally wash foodstuffs?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you think it’s important?

  • Yes
  • No

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What do you wash or rinse?

  • Fruit and vegetables with edible peel
  • Fruit and vegetables with non-edible peel
  • Salad
  • Rice

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Rinse rice as it cooks better, don’t really eat salads so no need to wash them, peel basically all other veg so no need to wash them either.


thank you for your time

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Rice: rinse basmati, but not other types, obviously.

Do you peel an aubergine?

I wash fruit that I’m not peeling, but I did wonder while rinsing an apple recently what effect I was actually having.

Did you know trainee sushi chefs spend the first three (or five, I can’t remember) of their careers merely washing rice?

Also, washing salad makes it damp and horrible. Need a salad spinner but who owns one of those in 2018?

Only my fucking hams

Yeah, nothing, never done me wrong.

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Fuck an aubergine, man. Hate that shit. (I do not peel aubergine when preparing them for my darling partner however)

A motto to live by! Even when it isn’t true

Good. But do you peel fennel? What about okra? A savoy cabbage?

I think if it had ever made me ill I would but it hasn’t so I don’t.

Don’t wash anything really apart from the odd leek.

I find it weird when I see people wash like an apple. It’s so waxy! Washing that is doing NOTHING.

Also pesticides are surely penetrating deeper into the fruit/veg than just the edible skin, no?

If veg is absolutely caked in mud I’ll give it a quick rinse but as a general rule, no

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True, but I meant life beyond washing vegetables and fruit as well

I always rub an apple on my shirt before eating it. Always have done, absolutely no idea why


Washing removes dirt (including bird shit) from fruit and veg that grows in the open air or in the ground.