Washing foodstuffs


  • yes I wash mushrooms
  • no I think the dirt is tasty

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Wash salad if it comes un washed, but I generally buy leafy bags then heads of iceberg



But theres no dirt? I think i’d notice a huge bird shit on my apple. Don’t think they’d even be selling it.

really depends on the state of the mushrooms. Can be a proper ballache and they go soggy so tend to use a pastry brush or tea towel

You should NEVER wash mushrooms.
Just brush them with a damp cloth.


serious kitchenware this

There’s no trick to it, it’s just a simple trick.

Fuck editing.

You won’t notice a tiny bird shit.

Hmm, don’t think I use the outer bit of fennel, have never cooked with okra and again, wouldn’t use the outer bit of a Savoy cabbage

I peel mushrooms

You haven’t lived.

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teaspoon method?

Because it’s a really baller move that’s why.

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Have eaten it and it is fine. Some people call it “ladies fingers”

You know what needs a wash? Courgettes. Little weird hairy buggers. Always give them a rinse. Most stuff I don’t bother.

You need to make these :heart_eyes:


even the teeny tiny button mushrooms?

Explain this please.

I only peel really big portabellos

My gf’s family are of Gujarati origin and this looks like something that I have fairly regularly at their house. Not bad.