Washing Machines that tell you how long the washing will take



Load of shit, yes?

So tell me about your washing machine timings:

  • My washing machine lies about how long it will take
  • My washing machine never lies about how long it will take (unlike me, clearly)
  • I don’t have a fancy washing machine like that, you middle-class twat
  • Washing machine? I have to go to the Launderette like a proper working class prole, you fucking Tory

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Ours adds an extra layer by having an ‘auto-dry’ setting that changes timings continually as it dries.
During the drying cycle you can open the door at any time and check your clothes, but once the drying has finished it locks the door and spends an-listed amount of time just doing …something. I think it’s meant to be anti-crease but basically it means 5 extra mins unless you switch it to another setting, which unlocks the door.


I quite like laundrettes. True story. They’re sort of the last bastion of community in some poorer areas where pubs and social clubs might’ve shut down. Sometimes i’ll take the laundry there as our machines have really long cycles (the good washing cycle an hour plus and the dryer hose has gone walkies so that’s typically 90 minutes), whereas the industrial machines can have them washed and dried in under an hour. Always find they have quite a nice vibe to them, everyone helps eachother and that. Realistically i need to buy new machines, but like most white goods and furniture, etc, they’re a bloody rip-off.

Recently dropped a load off and went on the bevi, popped in on my way home to pick it up, 5ish, asked the woman what time they closed and she said 3pm. She’d sat there for two hours on a Sunday waiting for me to come back, her family were probably sat at home waiting for their dinner, didn’t even say a word. Can you imagine that happening in London?

To answer your question, no, ours doesn’t tell you how long, but a cold wash is typically about 35 minutes, and a warm one around 75.


Bit sexist, mate?

But I do agree with you about the launderette. The only real downside is lugging the washing all the way home. Don’t tend to waste too much money on the driers (esp as I don’t like clothes to shrink) so a full IKEA bag of damp clothes can be quite tough.


Mine says it takes three and a half hours to do an eco load. It really fucking doesn’t.


Waiting…for her to come home to an already cooked dinner…obviously!


Mine doesn’t lie

Choose the setting says 90 mins - press eco - goes to 50 mins

50 mins later an annoying beep doesnt stop til you switch it off


Anti crease is a myth Theo


My housemate regularly puts one item on the hand wash setting which is about 2 and a half hours.
This baffles me so much. As if anyone is standing there hand washing a garm for that period of time!


You missed the option for: takes exactly the stated amount of time but doesn’t necessarily wash the clothes properly.


got a standard washing machine but don’t mind a trip to the launderette every now n then. nice just go to sit and read for a couple hours.


I need to purchase a washing machine imminently.

What’s a good one?


Avoid anything made by Beko is what my #plumbermates say.


Really want one, proper gamechanger innit


Beautiful :slight_smile:


AEG? Mine is a lying AEG but that annoying beep can be turned off by holding down a combination of buttons for 7 seconds or something. Check the manual.


@plasticniki Buy a Which? best buy. Don’t get integrated. Get a 1600 RPM spinner.

Ours is AEG and has lasted 6 years basically.


all the Which best buys are fucking ££££££££


Go German.

So Miele, AEG or Bosch.


It’s worth spending good money. The 1600 spin is boss because stuff is so dry when it comes out.