Washing Machines

Hiiiii, so we had a thread like this for fridges lately, let’s do the same thing but for people recommending washing machines.

What one do you have? Is it good? Has it lasted well? Value for money?

What was your experience with having it fitted. Tell me all!

Our is what was here when we moved in. Other things have since been brought in, and it looks like the only way of getting it out would be to remove the tumble drier. We need a pipe fixed that goes to it, and I’m not looking forward to what’s needed to fix it.

On the other hand, Zanussi jetsystems washing machines seem to last for a very long time!

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Ours is good. Had it a couple of years. Has a dryer that we barely ever use but is handy in a tight spot.

Think we got it from AO who fit it and recycle your old one

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Got a zanussi one that we have had for 8+ years and is still fine

it went in a hole where a washer had been before so i just connected the 2 pipes myself

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Had an AEG one that barely lasted 10 years (with a lot of kids’ clothes washing) which was a beast. Did 1600 RPM spin and the condenser dryer actually bloody worked!

However, have since decided that 1400 RPM is actually fine. I think they’ve all got more efficient.

We had a Samsung in Australia that I didn’t think was all that good, TBH. Did the job but the dryer was useless and it started to leak a bit if it wasn’t a full wash.

Right now we have this Hotpoint that was cheap but it’s also very good. Not bothered with the dryer. Its big issue is not as feature-rich as I’d like.

My number one bugbear with washing machines is this: Of the three I’ve owned they’ve all offered short daily washes or whatever (which is normally all you need, let’s be honest) but they have NEVER allowed you to use the maximum spin with them. So in each case you have to faff to get the short wash plus the good spin to get the water out.

If you can find one that will let you have the shorter cycle with the good spin then buy that mother.


Ours has been here since we moved in too. My thoughts are when it’s finally removed it’s going to be all kinds of filthy behind it :laughing:

I’m wondering if we got it replaced if the person swapping them over would allow me to have a good scrub of the area before the new one replaces it :woman_shrugging:

I would presume not as they’d want the job done as fast as possible :thinking:

you could probably just pull it out now and have a look?

open the door and kind of grab it by the hole, they usually aren’t “that” heavy

move it slowly though as you never know how long the hose/plug on the back may be

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You could try to do it yourself before they arrive. There’s usually a fair amount of length on the hoses. Press at the top front to lift the feet and put some washing up liquid down under them, that should let it slide out easier as you pull, particularly if you are sort of pulling from the front top sides to lift the back a bit.

Yeah with my luck I would dislodge something. Also mine seems well heavy. I’m not very strong tho… haha.

Can’t you pull it out on the day they’re coming and get behind it in advance of their visit?

Lol useful repeating of posts above me


Oh yeah, I have had to get one out before and I’m really unsure if I actually thought of this or it’s just been so long I’ve forgotten.

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ours allows this - but is perhaps not available any more

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Having tried to move ours last night around midnight, when there was a fox hiding behind it, I beg to differ

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They are heavy but they sort of ‘shimmy’/slide pretty well. Try the washing up liquid trick if you can (probably need two people for that)

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ha i only moved ours a few weeks ago, open the door , kind of hold the top of the hole, slightly lift and pull… ours just slid out, i guess it depend son the feet and type of floors its on

I’ve mentioned it on here before and yeah someone (maybe you?) mentioned theirs did allow this. It’s baffling to me how hard it seems to be to find (for me).

When we replaced our washer a few years back the local guy (RIP) who replaced it said that basically all washing machines these days are cheap shit that don’t last.

They do not make them. Like they used to make them.

It’s on a cork tiled floor - I wonder if half the issue is that it’s buried it’s feet into them

Did the fox clear off in the end?

probably! we have a bit of room above ours (its under a work top) so i can lift the front legs up and drag it on the back ones, the floor is hard though so pretty straight forward