Washing up - polls (chat encouraged)

Got the in-laws staying and they encourage remnant food down the plug-hole rather than picking it out with the strainer plug and binning it.

Remmant food
  • Strainer plug then bin
  • Strainer plug used like you’re on the payroll of big plumbing
  • Plain plug but extracting big bits at the end
  • Plain plug and mashing it down the hole

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Create polls / chat / judge as you please

  • Marigolds
  • Bare
  • Other (please explain)

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Really satisfying squishing it all down the plughole imo.

Quite enjoy the washing up as a chore. Therapeutic. Like a bath for your hands


Anyone who has had to empty the trap under the sink full of stinking nasty food waste would surely never let food remnants go down the plug hole :face_vomiting:

  • Chore
  • Therapeutic. Like a bath for your hands.

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  • Do it after each meal
  • Do it all at the end of the day
  • Do it all first thing in the morning
  • Other (Please Specify)

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quite enjoy it once i start, but i dread the thought of it and put it off for too long

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Our kitchen is tiny so have to wash up and put everything away before there’s space for next lot of cooking etc.

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  • No
  • Separate sink full of water
  • Running tap into a tiny rinsing sink
  • Running tap into the main event

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  • Wash the main cooking thing(s) (pans or what have you) after cooking but BEFORE eating
  • Don’t do this

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Usually do whatever has built up throughout the day before cooking dinner, then use the water to wash up the stuff from dinner.

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Hate emptying a sink full of pots and pans and dishes. THEY BELONG ON THE SIDE


Only rinse glassware/mugs

(as in rinse the suds off after washing)


Depends. There’s no way I would be letting loads of pasta or rice go down there or anything oily like curry.

Anything that does go down is the bits I’ve missed when scraping the plate into a food waste bag.

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  • Drip dry (drying rack)
  • Drip dry (free form)
  • Tea towel

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Whatever day of the week I can face it

I get into the habit sometimes but then there will be a day or so where I’m too busy to do it (or the kitchen is too cold to bear), three days later the kitchen is a war zone


Fucking cannot stand when you live with someone who puts their dirty stuff into the basin and leaves it to be washed. There’s usually cold, grotty water by the time you get to it. Fucks me off bigtime. Either leave it on the side or wash it immediately yourself, you cunt.


Do it when my mind can’t take the sight of the kitchen, which is unpredictable in timing