Waste of a good title


Great song titles wasted on shite, for example:

A Higher State Of Consciousness


Can we do band names too?

Destroyer - yawn!


I believe this will be ok.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars.


100% banger, what are you talking about?


I respectfully disagree.


robocop 4 - fuck off robocop


I respectfully disagree.


It’s usually a good idea to use an appropriate example?!

Unless you mean the watered-down remix of Higher State of Consciousness that got in the charts a year later.


Probably. I just remember it as a tepid dance track at a time of big beat awesomeness happening everywhere else.


Yeah, the original mix would have been out around the time the Heavenly Social thing was happening. Good time for dance music in general that.

A year later we had a bit too much Fatboy Slim…