Wasted Journeys

Drove fifty minutes to go on a steam train. arrived at 11.01 and saw on the board that the first train goes at 11.00 and the next at 12.30. Was pissed off until we saw the next sign that said no trains on a Thursday (it was a Thursday).

Wasted any journeys or shit?

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I’d arranged to meet my bosses to tell them I was leaving. so the next day I went to meet them at about 5 and when I got there one of them said “oh I’m just off out for a run, can you call [otherboss]” so I called other boss and he was at home napping and asked to rearrange for the next day.
The bourgeoisie are a joke. Pretty funny though.


Watercress line?

A couple of months ago I drove me and my daughter from Norwich to Chigwell Row, Essex for a family wedding that was actually taking place the following Saturday.

Stood dumbly trying to get the church door open for a while and walking around the church looking for another way in before checking the invite again, properly this time.

When we returned the following week I kept my initial reconnaissance trip to myself.


East Somerset

On a more local note, I went up the Devil’s Punchbowl the other day for the first time in decades the other week. Lovely.


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That is a four hour round trip (minimum) according to my research. Great work.

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To make it (barely) worthwhile I dropped in on my Mum and stepdad who live in Hornchurch.

Thankfully, I could spend any amount of time with my tin lid without getting bored so it was all ok.

It’s the petrol and having put a suit on that I resented.

Was pretty shitfaced on a coach from Rome to Sorrento once


Yeah it’s good up there.

A friend of mine was on the guestlist for DJ Shadow in 2002 or something, and had a +1. He said it was at Shepherd’s Bush, so we got in his car and drove there from Kingston. Got to the venue and it was closed. No sign of any gig happening at all. Turns out he was on the guestlist, but DJ Shadow was playing in Manchester that night.


So my family (and possibly most indian families) have a thing where we just go rock up at a relatives house without phoning ahead. Have had journeys growing up driving from London-B’ham, London-Leicester, London-Preston, London-Dundee(!), London-Southampton where the people who’s house we intended to go to were not there.


Did your folks not learn their lesson at any stage?


didn’t read yours I’m afraid.

mine was better, but I respect that you got there first, so sorry.

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My mum only now will whatsapp, like 5 minutes away from the place

its hilarious

Having been on the other end of it - the panic of seeing a convoy of 3 cars pull up and a load of indians saunter out, having travelled hours with no warning - I think we do it for the sheer bants


I guess it saves on the having to go on a panicked deep clean before your visitors turn up, they just get to see the real filth that we live in.

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Or you have to live in a constant state of readiness.

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