Wastes of Money / Buyer's Remorse



What have you bought recently (or ever?) that you’ve instantly regretted? At the NFL game at Wembley on Sunday I queued for ages just to look at a stall selling hats, and by some combination of boredom and feverish excitement ended up spending £32.99 on a baseball cap I didn’t particularly like and will probably never wear again. It’s even more obnoxious than the baseball cap I already own and pretty much never wear unless on holiday.

Still makes me ill to think about :frowning:

Watchu wearin?
How's your love life DiS?

Donated to the new boards. Gutted.


This, along with the rocking chair? Wow.

EDIT: I am not saying the chair was a waste of money, but just you and things recently, huh?

Least favourite type of hat 🎓

Can we see a picture please?


Stop attacking my pregnant wife.


can we see of picture of you in the cap sat on “the chair”



Behold the glory:



makes sense that you started this thread.


My current car.




I can’t get the image to post for some reason.


Literally cannot imagine ever wearing it again. It’s like I had a brain parasite or something.


that’s even worse than i was expecting


Mate, tell me about it.

The worse thing is that website has shown me half a dozen far more palatable hats. I feel worse than ever.



(Why on earth was in that expensive? Is that normal?)


Bought a lot of shire recently, that hat makes me feel better about it.


Seems to be about the going rate for merchandise on a game day at the stadium.


I’m glad I could help someone.


Keep buying a slice of coffee and walnut cake from Trose at lunch. I shouldn’t keep doing it.


this thread reminded me of zubaz trousers, which were often linked to NFL teams, ever seen them?