Wastes of Money / Buyer's Remorse

How much was it you dufus.

Bought a badminton racquet recently, not sure I’ll ever use it

Had to stop myself doing this in IKEA on Saturday. Like, sure, it’s only a couple of quid, but when am I ever going to use a shit badminton kit?

i like a good hat (not in a xylo sense, sorry @xylo)

got a load of norse projects beanies for winter and a few baseball caps for summer, think the key is muted colours rather than screaming electric blue though

I’ll have you know it’s actually Honolulu Blue.

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it was just the yellow waistcoat man - http://www.fancydressball.co.uk/big_images1/ringmaster-costume-fs3676-a.jpg

i presume your refusal to grow a curly moustache was what led to your dismissal in the end

french vanilla coffee, I bought it about a year or two ago. I’ve had it once. It was only about 2 squid though.

Actually, I’ve a kind of a cardigan thing, I wasn’t sure about it when I got and have never liked it really. I noticed after I got it home that carved into the buttons are the words “one true saxon” lol.

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Far too much money for a TV. I am stuck on the carousel of wanting the newest 4K, HDR blah blah.

You read review websites and they say “don’t consider a TV unless it has this this and this. What, are you mad? Why would you buy that? It’ll be obsolete in 3 months!”

Where do you go from here?

@chris-budget ?

Stationary - posh notepads and pens and the like. Go absolutely weird over it all for some reason but it’s all so overpriced.

What do you write in your posh notebooks Ruffers?

e for envelope

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I think maybe the most embarrassing/nerdiest thing is completely fictional international cricket scorecards with made up players that have rolling form and made up little story arcs going on


Are you a Paperchase fan at all Ruffles?

I’m not adverse, though mostly frequent independent wanky little art shops as you’d expect round here

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bought a pair of average white Reeboks for £35 cos I don’t have any shoes that can withstand the rain at the moment. intended to buy a pair of decent trainers/boots later in the year when i have more money.

just seen some new waterproof/wintery Prestos for £100 and wish I’d just splashed out more money now in one go rather than buying 2 pairs of shoes and having one I don’t particularly want.

bought some red mullet last night, wasn’t cheap and i over cooked it, ragin.