Wasting time on the internet

This article seems to be doing the rounds at the moment:

I also don’t know how to waste time on the internet anymore. Well, actually, obviously I do - I waste bloody hours on it. But it seems to have been a case of ever decreasing circles for the past decade or so that’s finally shrunk to just swirling around DiS-Facebook-Twitter-Guardian forever in a bored haze. It’s getting a bit depressing.

How about you, DiS? Are you still good at wasting time on the internet? Has social media made the internet a more homogeneous space or is it just as good as ever and I’m just old and out of touch?

Always wonder what people who aren’t on dis are doing with the internet


It is mad that you can use the internet for conceivably anything and yet most of us trap ourselves into procrastination circles of 5 or 6 websites. It’s almost as if we’re not hard-wired to deal with such an overabundance of information

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It is crazy. My gf was complaining the other night because I was looking at my phone while we were out together and I gave her a, “but I’ve got more information in this phone than anyone has ever had in the entire course of human history!” speech and she just said, “you’re just on at that forum though, aren’t you?”

Yep. All that knowledge and I’m checking what was last said in the crisps thread.


It is lucky there are so many things on Wikipedia and YouTube because I definitely only go to at most 10 other websites.

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aside from dis, I normally read various music, video games, books, films, etc sites when I want to waste time. I like reading boring things though

There’s a bunch of other sites I check for news and the odd review but I’ll usually rinse those first thing in a morning and then that’s it until the next day. Back to the usual few.

Also I have Pocket for saving long reads I am definitely going to read later. Any day now.


I’ve started procrastinating by watching youtube videos of really complex math proofs (3 blue,1brown channel)

literally understand less than 10%

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Often fall down lore/backstory rabbit-holes on gaming wikis. Mostly for games I’ve never played.

I remember a job where I didn’t have the internet… or anything. My best time waster was to highlight a load of cells in excel leaving one uncoloured, hold down tab and then try to stop on that cell. I mean that’s not what we are talking about but I thought you would like to know.


if the internet was actually designed as a means of hyper-capitalist population control it would be absolutely genius, but I don’t believe any human being is intelligent enough to have that foresight

I can literally name 30 things that are very wrong with the world off the top of my head and yet I put less energy into improving them than I do into looking at the cumlord youtube channel

someone find the mr burns cup and ball still pls

jfc even I am now posting simpsons memes

Fucking hell

Fancy a game?


I…do I want to ask about that channel? I’m sure as hell not gonna google it…

you can absolutely google it and it is completely safe for work, although you might want to clear your browser history

edit: even the google image search is 100% clean family fun whish is surprising

I have a pretty lax IT department but there’s no way you’re gonna convince me to google cumlord at work


I mean that sounds like you know how to waste time on the internet huh.

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I wish I could put how good I am at wasting time on the internet on my CV.