Wasting time on the internet

someone find the mr burns cup and ball still pls

jfc even I am now posting simpsons memes

Fucking hell

Fancy a game?


I…do I want to ask about that channel? I’m sure as hell not gonna google it…

you can absolutely google it and it is completely safe for work, although you might want to clear your browser history

edit: even the google image search is 100% clean family fun whish is surprising

I have a pretty lax IT department but there’s no way you’re gonna convince me to google cumlord at work


I mean that sounds like you know how to waste time on the internet huh.

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I wish I could put how good I am at wasting time on the internet on my CV.

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I spend maybe 40% of the time on DiS, 30% on social media and 30% shopping.

Maybe more on shopping.

I was once on a ferry without a phone signal, and was searching through my phone to see if there was anything saved on it that could stave off the boredom.

Found a pdf of a rejected screenplay of A Scanner Darkly I must have downloaded from somewhere, proper manna from heaven moment.



Why would anyone call such a delightful dog cumlord?

Still do the depressing “go to dis from the address bar before realising I was already on it” quite a lot.

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it matches the humour of the videos / the dogs demeanour; i hope irl the owner has given him a more palatable name

anyway i’m glad i came to the ‘wasting time on the internet’ thread with a #hottake and already i’ve digressed to explaining why a stranger on the internet has a pomeranian called cumlord

Hmm. I suppose if I was getting some form of enjoyment out of it then it wouldn’t be classed as ‘wasting time,’ would it?

Objection sustained.

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  • I Don’t Know How to Waste Time on the Internet Anymore
  • I Have Quite An Easy Time Wasting Time On The Internet, Thank You

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I guess there’s some mileage in this ol’ internet business yet.

I’m now going to spend the afternoon watching a dog called cumlord frolic about the place. Truly this is a golden age.

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A personal favourite is YouTube reviews of guitar pedals I have no intention of buying.

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Don’t really care about the internet, or my GF and family, or my job anymore. Not since ive learned about @anon29812515 excel game.