Wasting time on the internet

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I spend maybe 40% of the time on DiS, 30% on social media and 30% shopping.

Maybe more on shopping.

I was once on a ferry without a phone signal, and was searching through my phone to see if there was anything saved on it that could stave off the boredom.

Found a pdf of a rejected screenplay of A Scanner Darkly I must have downloaded from somewhere, proper manna from heaven moment.



Why would anyone call such a delightful dog cumlord?

Still do the depressing “go to dis from the address bar before realising I was already on it” quite a lot.

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it matches the humour of the videos / the dogs demeanour; i hope irl the owner has given him a more palatable name

anyway i’m glad i came to the ‘wasting time on the internet’ thread with a #hottake and already i’ve digressed to explaining why a stranger on the internet has a pomeranian called cumlord

Hmm. I suppose if I was getting some form of enjoyment out of it then it wouldn’t be classed as ‘wasting time,’ would it?

Objection sustained.

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  • I Don’t Know How to Waste Time on the Internet Anymore
  • I Have Quite An Easy Time Wasting Time On The Internet, Thank You

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I guess there’s some mileage in this ol’ internet business yet.

I’m now going to spend the afternoon watching a dog called cumlord frolic about the place. Truly this is a golden age.

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A personal favourite is YouTube reviews of guitar pedals I have no intention of buying.

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Don’t really care about the internet, or my GF and family, or my job anymore. Not since ive learned about @anon29812515 excel game.


Fuck knows how many hours I’ve spent watching Nick from Tera Melos gurning while making atonal bleeping sounds with whatever pedal Earthquaker Devices last sent him.

I don’t even like him or his band.

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By the way you can also do shift tab for some reverse action - pros only.

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may i suggest

Please, think of my family

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I’ve got an absolute cracker of a comically German man reviewing three extremely similar EBS distortion pedals, if you’re interested.

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I’m now flicking between videos of a tiny dog with a filthy name and an old man painting a boat.

I have a new lease of online life at last.


get thee to the thread

I never even know what to do with my free time anymore. Started playing video games I haven’t played since I was 14 just for some weird nostalgia hit of a pre-Brexit/Trump world.