Watched BLADE (1998) during today's sickie 🗡

I will be taking questions about BLADE (1998) until 4.30pm tomorrow.

Some topics to consider:

The racial/gender/class politics of BLADE
Its influence on subsequent superhero movies
What became of the cast in the last 19 years
What works/what doesn’t work in BLADE
How awesome the opening 10 minutes are
Likelihood of a sequel/reboot in the years to come

I will not be accepting questions about the sequels - as far as I’m concerned there is only one BLADE

Please sticky this thread mods.

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Remember stephen dorff?

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Excellent question. I do remember stephen dorff.

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Seems to have done alright. I actually watched and enjoyed Cecil B. Demented at the time

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who is better blade or buffy?

without ducking the question they are equally adept vampire slayers and offer an equally progressive interpretation of the action hero. buffy maybe edges blade (aha) because we spent more time with her and the scoobies.


One of the few good superhero films.

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is there a more iconic opening scene in film history than when they go to that vampire club and it rains blood from the ceiling?




I feel like you’re lying here

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fuckin a


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love the bit when they slowly raise their hands. this is how vampires should be portrayed. sexy elite kids who are evil and scary as fuck.

shit man all those ravers who were my age or thereabouts in this scene are probably pushing fifty now :neutral_face:

Blade - awesome

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We all went to see this at the cinemas way back when not knowing anything about it, we were all super stoned, one of my ATDs spent most of the film crying because he was so happy.
One of the all time great cinema experiences :+1::grinning:


does anyone else find it weird that in the club scenes everyone looks late-twenties/early thirties but as someone pushing thirty i would feel really out of place in a club environment now? were things different in the 90s, pre-recession, pre-9/11?

also it’s great that the female co-star is neither a love interest nor a trapped princess but a tough lady who is whip smart who actually helps advance the story. why could they do this in 1998 and in 2017 it’s seen as groundbreaking?

Really different, we all just worried about making sure we fucked up vampires, as opposed to worrying about square going bin laden


In my college nu metal band we had a qupte from blade 2 in tge intro of one of our songs

I seem to remember a bit where Blade pushed some mook’s face up against a passing train, and it (the mook’s face) got all mashed up. Am I remembering that correctly?

Also, feel really sorry for that fat blog thing with the high-pitched voice.

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