watched "The Room" last night

is there a thread about it? anyway here’s another one then.
NOTHING prepares you for this

What’s it streaming on?

I watched it by other means, soz

I think I went in with expectations too high. It was funny but it was also just a bad film


Ah ok. Every time I’ve tried to watch it I’ve failed to find it anywhere which seems odd but I guess that’s part of the whole cult thing maybe.

I don’t want to oversell it but watching it with a full crowd at the Prince Charles Cinema is really the best way to experience it, so much of the energy comes from the audience participation (but I could see a lot of people would find it excruciating).


Indeed, but even after seeing all the best clips I wasnt prepared for Peter the psychologist. Or the cream shirt guy at the party.

Favourite line: “thank you this is great party yo uinvited all my friedns, good thinking!”
“form now on im gonna do what I want to do. what do you think I should do?”

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The only bad film I’ve ever watched that stands up to the “this is a bad film” hype. Hypnotically terrible, I adore it.


Feel this way about “Blackbird”. Was fucking dull as hell

I recommend “Deadly Prey”


The only one where it is genuinely eccentric enough to not feel like “deliberately bad”

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Getting ready for the remake?

It should have been called “The Doors” originally

Yeah, same. The funny bits are really funny but the fact it’s 10 minutes of story padded out with what feels like an hour of stock footage of a bridge starts to wear quite thin quite quickly.


Found it funny as a teen but find the jokes been driven into the dirt. Hated The Disaster Artist.


Seen it millions of times. One of my favourite films. Endlessly rewarding.

Seeing it in the cinema soon with Greg Sestero Q&A in Falmouth.


It was an out of state bankkkk


I mean that was another thing for me. I saw it for the first time at one of the Prince Charles and there was a LOOOOOT of audience participation and what have you

and there’s old manches



I had a really insanely horrible cold that night as well which, being Jan or Feb 2020, may have actually been something a little bit worse

It was also in the midst of a nasty storm when they’d recommended people to not travel by train and there I was at London Euston, just waiting to be photographed by some centrist hack and roasted on social media as “these are the people who voted brexit I reckon”

Never seen it