Watching Malcolm in the Middle for the first time

Why are the voices too loud. Looks like they’ve been dubbed. Too much going on

Yeah I don’t think you need to do that.

I’ve been thinking of doing this actually


I wouldn’t

It’s the best modern American sitcom, bar none

Gonna do a @Mert_Aksac and leave half way through

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You are!

Its a sitcom?!


The situation is they exist.

I would say so, yes, correct, indeed

Do fictional characters exist #philosophy


How do you define the existence of another external to your own self tho?

You could ask them if they exist; You can ask me if I exist and I can answer in the affirmative as we have a two-way relationship (aw). The characters in Malcolm in the Middle cannot answer, because their actions can only be perceived in a one-way relationship with you, the viewer. Therefore, do they not exist? However, if you see someone (let’s say government scientist Chris Whitty) on television, can you ask him if he exists? You can’t because your relationship with government scientist Chris Whitty is not a two-way relationship. Does Chris Whitty therefore not exist? Therefore Chris Whitty does not exist thank you for coming to my TED talk.


Gone to the shop. Episode over

I wouldn’t leave anything as high quality as the frankly excellent Malcolm in the Middle


I’d love if at the end of the NHS presentations it came up with credits that Chris Whitty was played by Frankie Munitz

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It’s Bryan Cranston rounding out the Malcolm in the Middle/Breaking Bad/Chief Government Crisis Scientist arc of his character

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There are lots of things that cannot answer back which still exist. Pretty sure the tree in my garden exists and I’ve never had a rewarding conversation with it.

You test doesn’t even work for people. If you applied it then you’d have to say that a person in a coma didn’t exist, or that we all cease to exist when we are asleep.

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Malcolm In The Middle is very good. That’s all I have to add.