Watching TV / Films At Home On Your Own

I have lost the ability to do this. Genuinely. Can’t concentrate.

When someone else is around I can concentrate, but if I’m on my own I find it impossible. Just constantly get distracted and think there are other things I need to do.

Anyone else get this? Had this for a few years now.


Depends what it is. If it’s a game show you bet I’m fully focused and crushing it regardless of who’s there


Ive started talking to the cats about the plot of the film the entire way through. We watched Rashomon the other night, the fuzzy buggers had some very enlightening thoughts.


Terrible for this.

Part of the reason for seeing so many films in the cinema now is that I actually concentrate there.


Yeah, watching films/tv programs I will often pause it to look at my phone for no reason.

Much prefer cinema as I’ll actually focus on what’s going on.

I generally find I don’t want to watch films and committed stuff like prestige dramas by myself. Always just end up putting the US Office or something on so I can zone out and fuck about on my phone instead.

Did manage to watch Jaws for the first time recently, literally had to pull the armchair up to the TV and prep with snacks and drinks though, like it was a one-man cinema screening.

I do not have this problem, but very rarely watch films anyway, because they are rubbish.

don’t @ me


sometimes find i’ve been pissing about on my phone so much i need to look up the plot on imdb while i’m still watching it


I find it easy if the film is good

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Yes. I stand in solidarity with you on this.

If I’m watching something on my own I sometimes have to put my phone in another room so I don’t get a compulsion to check it. But I never have this problem when I’m watching with other people.

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Have you considered that you’re all getting distracted because films are actually rubbish


i watch a lot of shit films though

thanks netflix

@Epimer no it is you who are rubbish

It can be both

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I watched the flatliners remake recently and barely had a clue what was going on

they ended up being haunted by some kind of demon for some reason? Idk

I tend to put my phone / iPad in another room if I’m watching a film now, because I know my hand will just reach for it, even though I have zero reason to do so. Weirdly, I sometimes put subtitles on even if its in English, as it helps me focus. This really irritates my husband.

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My dream is to have a place big enough to put in a screening room that will have a box outside you leave your phone in.

I also do this


I normally do so at night or during a meal or something, with the phone switched off and put elsewhere.

This is why I don’t like watching films / TV shows on my laptop. Especially on something like All4, first ad break I’ll be alt-tabbing to something else and then I’ll probably get distracted.

I think the only thing I’m able to give full, undivided attention to on my home TV now is football matches that I am personally invested in.

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